Best tank in World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is one of the most popular mobile games. The app is a complete copy of the computer version, but with a reduced resolution, graphics, and a set of techniques. In General, everything looks great and is able to attract fans of the roar of the engine and a large caliber for a long time. The best tank in World of Tanks Blitz is a flexible concept, since each has its own advantages. But there are several tanks that are definitely better than many. Today we will tell you about them.

Avid gamers know which car is worth paying attention to and leaving in the hangar, and which is better to skip as soon as possible. Now you will learn about five excellent devices that can bring terror to the enemy.

Pz.Kpfw. III/IV

Is an excellent medium tank (ST) of the fifth level. On small ranks, it is important for each player to get a large amount of currency, so that in the future you can easily buy your favorite equipment. Pz. Kpfw. III/IV-ideal for” Pharma ” silver. The device is quite mobile, as well as quick-firing. The average damage of a projectile is from 120 to 230 units, which is enough for fighting even with several opponents.


everyone in World of Tanks Blitz has probably heard about this mobile home. KV-2 is able to destroy virtually any level 5-6 opponent with one shot, which makes it the team’s trump card. Low speed, poor maneuverability and a long recharge are the main drawbacks, which are fully compensated for by the huge damage.

Grille 15

“evil embody”, which is feared by all “strands”. This anti-tank installation, although it has a small margin of safety and is not able to withstand a number of hits, can boast of another. The deadly damage (up to 850 units per shot) and the reload speed of the weapon is what the Grille 15 is loved and feared for. Take the right position, and the” grill ” will help prove to everyone who is the owner on the map.

FV215b (183)

Known to many gamers World of Tanks Blitz “babakha”, which has a number of advantages, which allows you to consider it the best TANK destroyer in the game. It’s all about a huge one-time damage. It can reach up to 1300 units. One good hit can “disassemble” the ST of the eighth, or even the ninth level. Among the disadvantages, we can note the low recharge speed and maneuverability.


it was Impossible not to include the T-62A in our rating, because it is the most popular car in tanks. This tank is loved by gamers for its strength and reliability. This ST in its Arsenal has a convincing gun (up to 400 points of damage shot) and a powerful engine (580 horsepower, almost like an airplane).

Bestbranchesin World of Tanks Blitz

 World of Tanks Blitz best branchesChoosing a branch is a purely individual matter, but there are three areas that will be easy even for a beginner. These are the best branches in World of Tanks Blitz that everyone can play with.

Soviet TT

you will have the choice to go to is-7 or is-4. Both devices are perfect, so any choice will be correct. Let’s note a few cars that everyone should stop at.

  • KV-1C;
  • KV-2;
  • is-3;

There is no point in pointing out “tens” among the best, because they are the final goal of each branch.

German TT

If you are a beginner, then pay your attention to Maus’e. This car is so armored that it is not afraid of any projectiles. Only a rare sniper on a heavy tank can bother you with minimal damage.

Best direction technique:

  • Maus’e;
  • Maus;
  • Vk 72.01 K;

Germany built excellent metal fortresses that can cause a stir in battle. In skilled hands, each car from the branch will become terrifying for the enemy!

British tank destroyers

And it is necessary to finish the selection with British works of art. The fact is that all vehicles, starting from the fifth rank, have excellent armor and good firepower. The branch boasts several perfect machines. Among them:

  • at 8;
  • at 15;
  • Tortoise.

Start the engine and don’t forget to refill your ammunition! World of Tanks Blitz is waiting for you!

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