Lords Mobile: how to quickly increase your power

Strength is one of the most important indicators in Lords Mobile! Strength shows how strong you are: every building you build, every research, every unit — all this adds to your Strength! How do I quickly increase my Power in Lords Mobile? Find out in this guide! High power levels allow you to enter strong alliances and scare off attackers — roughly speaking, Power emphasizes your status in the game and shows others who they are dealing with-a green novice or an experienced player.

How can I get Power?

Power in the game, as mentioned above, can be obtained in various ways. The main thing to know is that there are two types of power: permanent and temporary. But about everything in order.

you can get the Power as follows:

  • Rebuilding and improving buildings
  • Conducting research
  • Raising the player’s level
  • Completing quests
  • Expanding the territory
  • Training troops
  • Building traps

How can I get Poweramong the listed methods of obtaining Power, only training troops and building traps are “temporary” sources of Power — when the traps break and the troops die, the Power level decreases (each unit brings a small amount of Power, so the death of each unit adversely affects the Strength). Building buildings is also a relatively “temporary” method — although other players or other game phenomena can’t destroy your buildings, you are quite free to do so yourself.

The destruction of buildings, of course, will lead to the loss of the Power that they give and their improvements. All the rest of the above gives Power on a permanent basis and remove the Power received for, for example, completing a quest can not be done.

Getting Power by building

The most important thing to do to get a good increase in Strength through construction is to constantly build and do it as quickly as possible. Each building and each improvement adds Power, so during active play, you should make as many short improvements to buildings as possible, and when you are away for a long time (for example, go to sleep), you should put the building and improvement queue with a long timer. No time to waste!

The speed of construction can be achieved in three ways: by developing the appropriate research in the Academy, developing the appropriate skills for the hero, and collecting equipment for the hero with the appropriate bonuses. At almost any free time, your hero must have skills that speed up construction, and wear equipment that also speeds up construction (you can remove it immediately after construction has started — bonuses will continue to apply). The faster you build and improve buildings, the faster you will get a high level of Power!

getting Power through research

Much of the Power comes from research. Moreover, the Power added by research stays with you forever, so you also need to research constantly and as quickly as possible. Improving the Academy will also affect the speed of research, and you can also improve the necessary skills of the hero and give him the right equipment to research faster.

In addition to improving the speed of research, it is also worth looking at the offers in the Cargo Ship — sometimes there are good special accelerators that can greatly reduce the time of a long study.

increasing the player’s level for the sake of Strength

Lords Mobile Strengthwith each player level increase, you gain a significant amount of Power. The player’s level, in turn, can be increased by completing quests — to complete them as quickly as possible, purchase VIP 8 and the quests will be completed automatically, crediting a good share of experience to your player level.

To get more quests (not just once a day), you can buy special quest scrolls in the Guild store — using such scrolls and VIP 8 status, you can very quickly complete a lot of quests, raise several player levels, and very quickly raise the desired Power level! And a nice addition to all this experience will also be prize items for quests — for example, resources and boosters.

Increase your Strength with quests

Quests will not only help you gain a player’s level, but also give You power directly — but, however, not all, but only local quests of your city. Such quests mostly consist in doing something for the first time — for example, for the first time to pump the Hospital to the seventh level, or for the first time to train a hundred units. Of course, there are not an infinite number of such quests, and it is more difficult to complete them each time, but there are also a couple of simple sets of quests that can give you a couple of tens of thousands of Power points from the very beginning of the game.

The first set is that you need to build 4 buildings from the following list: Farm, Mines, Mine, Sawmill, Hospital, Mansion, and Barracks. After building 4 identical buildings, you will complete one of the quests and get a reward. The simplicity of these quests is that all the buildings on the first level are built instantly — so you can complete these quests very quickly, and the reward will be very high. The second set of quests in principle differs slightly — instead of four buildings, you need to build 10. Just keep building the first level buildings and you will quickly finish off the two most expensive quest sets in the game!

The obtaining Power with the help of the army and traps

training units and building traps gives you an increase in Strength — for example, each trap gives from 2 to 5 units of Strength (depending on the level of the trap), and each unit — from 2 to 36 units of Strength (depending on the level of the unit). Multiply this number by the number of soldiers and you will see how much Strength your army adds to the overall level!

The only problem is that the troops and traps are destructible — which means that their Strength can be lost as a result of an enemy attack or an unsuccessful campaign for resources. To” strengthen ” the Strength obtained from soldiers and traps, build more Hospitals and improve the Walls — the first will help you quickly restore the army, and the second will allow you to place and repair more traps.


If you want to gain Strength quickly, there is nothing better than completing quests and constantly exploring and building. The troops will also provide you with a significant increase in Strength, but such Strength can leave you-be careful! In this guide, you will learn everything you need to quickly raise your Power level at the very beginning of the game-I hope that you will succeed and this guide to Lords Mobile will be useful for you!.

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