Titans in Empires and Puzzles

Many RPG games have RAID bosses, and Empires and Puzzles are no exception. In this project, you will meet with the titans, which can only be defeated by the coordinated actions of the Alliance members. Read more about the titans themselves, their features and battle tactics in the review.

Who are the titans?

Titans are particularly powerful monsters with huge health levels and incredibly strong attacks. These giants appear on the map with a certain frequency when the player reaches level 4 of development. You will learn about the approach of a new Titan from the “approaching Titan”notification that POPs up on the world map.

Members of the Alliance must defeat him before the timer expires. Only players who are members of an Alliance can participate in the event. Otherwise, the notification will not be active.

How to beat Titan in Empires and Puzzles?

There Are 2 ways to attack Titan:

  1. Go to the world map and click on the Titan icon. In the window that opens, you will see all the information about the monster: its element, name, number of stars, health level, statistics of attacks by other Alliances. Then click on the “Next” button, set up a squad of heroes and go into battle.
  2. In the lower menu, click the Alliance tab. After that, select the “Titans” section and click on the “Attack” button-a window opens with full information about the Titan. Then follow the instructions from the first point.

Как бить титана Empires and Puzzles

Battle with Titan

The Mechanics of fighting with Titan are similar to conducting raids, but there are several significant differences.

    • Titans stay on the world map for a limited time, as well as the ability to fight with them. Titans appear once every 23 hours, and they are given 22 hours to kill. 1 attack lasts 1.5 minutes. At the end of this time, the fight ends automatically. For each attack on the Titan, 1 unit of Alliance energy is spent. It takes 4 hours to replenish 1 unit, and the maximum reserve is 3 units.

The Titan has a vulnerable zone. They appear at a random point during the battle. Hitting this zone, you deal increased damage. If during your turn on the weak point of the Titan will cause damage to 3 units at once, it will be stunned for 1 turn.

  • Keep in mind that the far left and far right areas of the playing field are not active. In these zones, your units will not cause any damage to the boss.


Types of titans

Each of the titans is linked to a certain element and has a certain number of stars. In a separate element, there are 6 titans and one of them is rare. Rare titans appear in the following order: Unicorn, Rooster, Griffin, Harpy, Tiger. A rare from each boss drops a bonus item — a hero, an emblem or the equipment.

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Titans of darkness:

  • The night dragon. Stars 1-4.
  • The demon Lord. Stars 3-6.
  • A terrible demon. Stars 6-8.
  • Onyx dragon. Stars 7-10.
  • The spider is chaos. Stars 10-14
  • A rare harpy Queen. Stars 5-14.

Titans of light:

  • stone-Skinned dragon. Stars 1-4.
  • Ancient colossus. Stars 3-6.
  • Dragon Typhoon. Stars 6-8.
  • The Imperial dragon. Stars 7-10.
  • Hydra in armor. Stars 10-14.
  • A Rare Alpha Gryphon. Stars 5-14.

ice Titans:

  • Water dragon. Stars 1-4.
  • Primitive lizard. Stars 3-6.
  • Glacial mammoth. Stars 6-8.
  • Kraken. Stars 7-10.
  • a Giant with an ice hammer. Stars 10-14
  • A rare Thunder unicorn. Stars 5-14.

Titans of fire:

  • Smouldering dragon. Stars 1-4.
  • An angry Hydra. Stars 3-6.
  • The flaming dragon. Stars 6-8.
  • Firedrake. Stars 7-10.
  • a Giant with a fire blade. Stars 10-14.
  • A rare Ancient tiger. Stars 5-14.

Titans of nature:

    • the emerald dragon. Stars 1-4.

the Goblin King. Stars 3-6.

  • Dragon with a poison tail. Stars 6-8.
  • Queen vixen. Stars 7-10.
  • Crystal colossus. 10-14.
  • A Rare Rooster Dragon. Stars 5-14.


Ranks of titans

Currently, the maximum number of stars for a Titan is 14.since the creation of the Alliance, only the lowest-level Titan with 1 star is available to players. When you defeat the first boss, the next one of the same level appears, but with a slightly increased amount of health and enhanced attacks.

After a series of victories over titans of the same level, your Alliance will be able to attack a Titan 1 star higher. On average, to increase the level of Titan, you need to win 3 times. If you lose, the next time you will be offered to defeat a slightly weaker boss.


What to use in combat?

  • Antidotes. Titans not only deal damage, but also impose negative effects on your heroes. In order to neutralize the negative effect, use an antidote. Even the weakest of them will remove all negative effects from the team.
  • magic Potions. They allow you to accumulate magic faster, so that you can use the special skills of your heroes more quickly.
  • Attacking items (axe Attack, dragon Attack, bomb Attack). This equipment deals minor damage to the Titan and weakens it.
  • Protective items (Banners with a turtle, dragon, or bear). Useful items in combat that are used as amps or antidotes. Their positive effects negate the negative effects of titanium.
  • arrow Attack. This skill blinds the Titan and gives a chance to miss the hero.

You can take up to 4 active items into the battle. In General, we recommend the following battle tactics:

  • Use strong heroes with anti-static titanium.
  • First use the axe Attack to weaken the Titan’s attack.
  • Use arrows To blind the boss.
  • Use Banners that increase your damage and hit.


In this article, we have reviewed all possible information about titans. These bosses aren’t that strong. The main thing is to choose the right tactics and spend resources correctly. Have a good game and good luck on the battlefields!

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