Hero sets in Vikings Clan of War in 2020

Do you want to speed up the process of collecting resources or train your warriors faster? We have collected the best sets in vikings clan of war that will help you with this. A hero set is a set of equipment that improves a character’s performance. Thus, you can collect different sets that will help at different stages of the game.

The best set for training warriors

If you need to quickly train and upgrade your warriors, you can do it 90% faster with this set:

HeadPlate helmet


CheastSteppe caftan4015%
WeaponThe Khazar archer4525%
AccessoriesLion medallion x25018% х2

The best set for collecting resources in mines

If you need to quickly collect resources in the mines, you can do it 53% faster with this set:

HeadCenturion’s helmet


CheastThe armour of the centurion359%
WeaponCenturion’s dagger308%
BootsCenturion’s Calceus308%
AccessoriesCenturion’s Ring х2359% х2

Best set for destruction and form of invaders

If you need to quickly feed and destroy the invaders, you can do it 22% faster with this set:

HeadGuardsman’s Helmet


Cheastwhite mantle454,4%
WeaponThe Sword Of Vengeance454,4%
AccessoriesPlate Glove х2454,4% х2

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