Badland Brawl

PVP games have managed to quickly capture the hearts of players, especially mobile games. Badland Brawl is no exception. There is complete chaos in which several players meet. The task of each player is to destroy the tower of his opponent. You will have to attack your opponent with your own heroes, which is very similar to the concept of the game Angry Birds.

Duels are held between players from all over the world, and the most enjoyable in this game can be called graphics and physics, as they are performed properly.

The best decks Badland Brawl

Лучшие колоды Badland Brawl

There are always different variations of the development of the battle, each of them has its own deck. But we have picked up the best universal badland Brawl decks. We will select a specific deck for the required mode, as well as tell you about the required cards and characters.

Not every fight can last a long time. If you need to fight quickly, this variation is perfect. The first top deck is suitable for quick combat. It will include:

  • Tornado;
  • Grasshopper and Puffer;
  • Arrows and Bambinos;
  • Bombycosi and Bombaron.

Next comes the best deck for changing the main cast. Enter into it:

  • Gangster;
  • Circular saw;
  • The Firebird’s;
  • Pack of dogs.;
  • Bombodrom;
  • Bomb spider;
  • Polozuk;
  • Arrows.

This deck perfectly allows you to replace the main characters. Its plus in a non-standard set that will put the opponent in a stupor. This deck is used if your main characters are knocked out of order and are not able to influence events.

But since we have considered the best option for a quick fight, it is necessary to note the protracted one. It is not always possible to get away with just a couple of blows to your troops. Because of this, the battle may last longer than usual. In this case, the third deck is perfect for a long battle. The build of this deck fits perfectly:

  • Circular saw;
  • Bomb spider;
  • Bombodrom;
  • Stupa;
  • Grasshopper;
  • Sawmill;
  • Gangster;
  • Arrows.

The interaction of all the characters will ensure a long battle, which will allow you to stand up even against the strongest opponent.

Eggs Badland Brawl

Wondering where to get the cards? The answer is-with the help of eggs. Eggs in the game play the role of currencies, as well as a kind of chests. The longer the eggs are grown, the rarer the reward can go to the player. The egg level will also allow you to get cool rewards. “Chests” are extracted in different places. Among them there is an arena, a store, a Guild-tribe, and more.

Eggs are divided into different categories. Some of them are silver, some are gold. You can improve them for free, and by upgrading to the maximum level you will get a really rare item. He will undoubtedly give you a great reward.

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